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SMS Randomisation for Clinical Trials in Africa

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South Africa

2 Punters Way
Kenilworth 8001
Cape Town

CliniTEXT is an SMS-based randomisation service for clinical trials and medical research in Africa.

CliniTEXT is a tool for allocating patients in clinical trials to randomisation arms effectively.
Remote diagnostic sites communicate interactively with a central online database via real-time SMS.


Proper blinding
Minimal selection bias
High confidentiality and accountability
Secure and convenient remote access and monitoring

How it works

STEP 1: Just SMS the study code, patient name and date of birth to our dedicated number. STEP 2: The patient's study number and randomised allocation arm are returned by SMS within seconds. STEP 3: Monitor recruitment and export the allocation list at any time from our secure online backend.

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Specialists in Africa  
Based in South Africa, our team members have conducted several multi-country clinical trials within Africa, and are familiar with the unique challenges that this presents.

Fully customisable and reliable  
We understand that every clinical trial is unique. Our platform is easily customisable and adaptable to the unique requirements of your research.

Easily monitor recruitment online  
You can monitor recruitment progress in real-time through our secure online portal. Track who is doing the recruiting, when it is happening, and easily export patient information.

At CliniTEXT we are happy to customise our service to fit your budgetary needs and make it happen.

Multiple-centre trials are easy  
Clinical trials often recruit from multiple sites across different countries. Our system can easily maintain parallel recruitment lists.

No specialised equipment required  
Our system can communicate with even the most basic SMS-capable cellphone. No hardware is required and there are no network restrictions.

Security and confidentiality guaranteed  
You can restrict the system to work with pre-approved phone numbers only. Our online portal is secure and your login is unique to your study.

Experienced team  
CliniTEXT was founded by experienced scientists who have run several multicentre clinical trials. We understand the research process and the academic environment.

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