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Sens SMS to Website uses innovative and scalable technology with multiple redundancies to keep your service online and available 24/7 internationally.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your phone number based?

Our number is on a South African SIM card at the moment, but we will be setting up SIMs in other countries based on demand. Please email us if you are interested in having a local number in your country.

How can I test out your system without signing up>

We have setup a test gateway for you to try.

What is the maximum throughput?

The system is limited only by the rate at which the SIM can receive inbound SMSs. Uploading messages to the web takes place as soon as the message arrives at the SIM, however very occasionally a maximum of 100 seconds wait can occur. Messages that are delivered cannot be lost and are uploaded to the web on a first-in, first-out principal.

How does this differ from a VMN / virtual mobile number?

VMNs suffer from only being available to a certain limited set of network operators in a select few countries. In order to run a campaign spanning one or more countries with reliable coverage, you need an actual SIM card that does not have these restrictions. VMNs are also more expensive to maintain and involve setup and maintenance fees, unlike our prices.

How can I get my own number?

Currently our system makes use of a single inbound number which is shared with other users by routing via a keyword prepended to each SMS. If you would like to have your own number for a large campaign, please email us.

How much does it cost to send an SMS?

The cost to the sender is the same as for an ordinary SMS - there are no premium rates or VAS fees added.

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